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VPN Reviews

VPNs reviewed and compared by experts on important criteria like speed, security, privacy, anonymity, bittorrent emule and P2P sharing.

Hide.me VPN Review

Hide.ME is a new VPN network which is trying to earn a name by providing a series of exciting features and high-end services. This VPN is a Malaysia based network and probably the best thing about it is its free VPN package. This provider also strives to protect the user anonymity and lets them browse anonymously. We also loved the ... Read More »

iVPN Review

iVPN is a high-end VPN network that provides reliable and consistent networking solutions across the globe. The VPN comes with a simple and elegant website and an extremely easy-to-operate interface. It is currently equipped with the multihop technology that turns out to be quite handy in routing your online traffic via multiple servers for added privacy. However, despite these handy ... Read More »

VPN.ac Review

VPN.ac is a relatively new VPN service provider that aims to provide consistent and glitch free VPN connections across the globe. It is a venture by a Romanian company that provides online security solutions. This is a good pedigree for a VPN service that takes its user privacy very seriously. They come with a robust privacy policy and ensure that no user logs are ... Read More »

SwitchVPN Review

SwitchVPN, is an India based VPN network that comes with an extremely high level OpenVPN encryption and a super-secure SSTP protocol. The service works fine and is nothing very remarkable. The website of this network is particularly very obfuscating and it is quite difficult to understand the ‘actual’ level of anonymity from this website. The VPN is quite easy to ... Read More »

VPNAce Review

VPNAce is full-featured VPN network that claims to provide ‘excellent support’ and hassle free set-up. The services of this VPN provider is indeed pretty good with its high-end download, and upload speeds. However, the setting up the network is definitely a tedious job. The documentation of the VPN provider lacks proper polish and this might apparently frighten novices. For others ... Read More »

VPNJack Review

VPNJack is a decent VPN network that comes with simple and functional features. The servers of this network are US based and its features are rather limited. On subscribing to VPNJack, you will be able to connect to a server that provides you an IP address based network in the US. So VPNJack may not be a great choice if ... Read More »

StrongDNS Service Review

StrongDNS is a US based network from the same company that had launched the StrongVPN network. This is one of the new breed of Smart DNS services that rank high in reliability, speed, security and performance. With this VPN replacement, you can browse geo-restricted sites at high speeds and also get complete access to geo-restricted media like Netflix and Hulu. The ... Read More »

IronSocket VPN Review

If you’re looking for an excellent VPN provider that provides all round networking solutions, IronSocket can be your answer. This Hong Kong based VPN service is equipped with top notch encryption, superb privacy protection and with servers across the globe it also provides great performance to its users. Even though the lack of customized software is a minor drawback with Ironsocket, ... Read More »

iBVPN Review

iBVPN is one of the best VPN service providers in the market that comes with powerful ranges of VPN apps both for your desktop and mobiles. With iBVPN you can easily access your favorite websites anytime and anywhere. On top of that, you can also enjoy seamless access to geographically restricted websites like Netflix and Hulu. The security measure of ... Read More »

HideIp VPN Review

HideIPVPN is an emerging VPN network that provides exceptional services at an affordable rate. The network offers unlimited high speed downloads with zero data caps. They also ensure high-end encryption thereby protecting your online data from all kinds of cyber thefts. The privacy standards of this network, is also quite high. The VPN does not store your online logs and ... Read More »