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The Top 10 Best Offshore VPNs (for added Privacy)

The Top 10 Best Offshore VPNs (for added Privacy)

If you want to enjoy secure online browsing, connecting to a well encrypted VPN can be pretty handy. This is even more relevant when you are using a public network like the Wi-FI hotspot in any restaurant, shopping mall or hotel. By encrypting your online traffic by a VPN, you can easily prevent people from snooping on your online data.

VPNs are also pretty handy in bypassing all geographical restrictions. With a good VPN you can easily browse geo-blocked sites and access geo-blocked content and videos.

At VPN Toplist, we personally love VPNs that are established offshore – not only because of the added privacy, but also as an indicator that the company thinks about privacy laws and may be similarly mature and updated itself in other aspects that are not as visible.

Offshore VPN? Isn’t that the same as those dodgy fly-by-night VPNs that “Black Hat” Hackers use?

VPNs that are not located in the USA or Europe are termed as offshore VPNs. The offshore VPNs are not liable to the US or EU data retention laws. Thus, they do not store your logs and allow you to enjoy private online browsing.

If the VPN server has a physical location in the co-operative jurisdiction and has server locations in non-co operative jurisdictions like Panama, Russia and China, then it has better levels of security and privacy. However, the maximum security and privacy can be availed, if both the physical location of the VPN network and a couple of servers of the network has off-shore locations in non-co-operative jurisdictions. In this case, no data retention laws can be enforced and the VPN provider is likely to have minimum security breaches.

Offshore VPNs are great for ensuring your online privacy. You may feel that there is nothing to fear as all your actions are perfectly legal. However, always keep in mind that many people are being arrested because of ID theft. They are arrested because there are IDs are supposedly being used by criminals. Moreover, you don’t really know what future has in store. So, having a strong privacy habit is indeed very essential. Here is our top list of reliable offshore VPNs that can help protect your privacy.

  1. Kepard http://www.vpntoplist.com/vpn-reviews/kepard-vpn-review/
  2. IBVPN http://www.vpntoplist.com/vpn-reviews/ibvpn-review/
  3. AC http://www.vpntoplist.com/vpn-reviews/vpn-ac-review/
  4. Torguard
  5. BolehVPN
  6. Blacklogic
  7. SwissVPN
  8. SwitchVPN
  9. 12 VPN http://www.vpntoplist.com/vpn-reviews/12vpn-review/-no
  10. iPrivateVPN

User Verdicts

Quotes from VPNs which are offshore – were they offshore from day one, current experience, issues if any

Tim, bestvpnreview: “Loved the privacy factor of Torguard. Awesome network”

John McGuire, Reddit “As BolehVPN doesn’t keep logs, I love it even more”

Paul smith: “Love the no logging feature of 12VPN”

On a final note

Offshore VPNs are pretty good if you want to protect your privacy. But don’t forget, any VPN can still be a subject to the government or even non-government interference at the data centre level. If you want decent privacy while using the internet, offshore VPNs are essential, but they are just one level of a multi-level defence for your privacy. You can also use a dedicated security operations centre for continuous protection.

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