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The 5 Worst VPN #Fails

The 5 Worst VPN #Fails

VPNs are a great option for getting remote access to professional documents or browsing geo-restricted content and websites. However, at times, even the most popular VPNs too have some big, bad “fails”. In this article we’ve looked at the user experience of many individuals who have had some really terrible experience with a couple of VPNs. Have a look.

HideMyAss – Privacy #Fail

HideMyAss is a pretty decent VPN network, but Cody did quite not enjoy his experience with this VPN. Cody Andrew Kretsinger, a 23 year old boy from Phoenix was arrested by the FBI as he was allegedly a member of the dangerous hacker group called Lulzsec. According to the reports from FBI, this hacking group had used a SQL injection for obtaining confidential information from the Sony Entertainment Group, and posting it live on web. However, when Hide My Ass received a court order, they readily revealed Cody’s ip address and his vpn username, ‘recursion’. Cody has now been imprisoned for 15 years. So as you see, Hide My Ass doesn’t really hide your ass and it can get really dangerous when it comes to keeping user activity logs.

EarthVPN – No-logging #Fail

EarthVPN is a VPN network popular for its superb encryption, ‘no-logging policy’ and high-end features. However, a student from Holland had an absolutely terrible experience with this VPN. In the year 2013, he supposedly issued a bomb threat to his university and was arrested for the deed. Even though the act is absolutely reprehensible and he deserves being arrested, yet, the key matter into consideration is that he used EarthVPN which claims to delete all the user activity logs. An EarthVPN spokesperson justified the situation by saying that the logs procured were the IP transfer logs from their datacenter. However, we have no ways to confirm the authenticity of these facts.

Private Internet Access – Security #Fail

Private Internet Access is a top notch network which is popular for its superb connectivity, ‘high-end encryption’ and awesome features. However, on November, 2013, this popular VPN provider experienced a major security breach. A couple of people hacked the servers, and the hackers inserted a code to the forums asking users to send a certain amount, to a certain address, in order to receive 10X in return. These hackers also managed to access the SQL database thereby pulling out the various forum passwords from the servers. The response from PIA was quite weak. They ‘advised’ users to get their passwords changed but did not ‘force’ a password change which was absolutely necessary. This reinforced our idea that security does not always mean good encryption strength.

PureVPN – Hacking #Fail

Vpn users of PureVPN experienced a major scare when they received emails from hackers stating that their accounts would be closed and their private information would be revealed to some unspecified authorities. The hackers managed to access the database of the VPN with SQL injection and some specified URL requests. Even though PureVPN confirmed that these emails fake, yet, we cannot overlook the weak security of this VPN network.

AnonX – Disappearance #Fail

AnonX was a popular VPN network that was launched during the early 2000s. The network provided great speeds, amazing connectivity and high-end anonymity. However, after a year and a half, this VPN provider totally disappeared. The site was put down and the domain was sold off. The strangest thing was that there was no big announcement or press release before the network was put down. This kind of irresponsible activity is definitely unexpected from a good VPN provider.

Well, these were some really disappointing VPN fail incidents from our favorite VPN providers. In case you know of some more incidents like these, do not forget to share them in the comments section.


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