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How to unblock streaming video (Netflix, Hulu etc) using a VPN

How to unblock streaming video (Netflix, Hulu etc) using a VPN

Regardless of your location, region blocked content can be pretty annoying. Whether you want live access to hulu or instant access to the BBC iPlayer; bypassing geo-blocked content turns out to be an absolute necessity.

One of the major issues with accessing region blocked content and streaming geo-restricted videos is the landscape of your preferred location. The landscape is constantly changing thereby making it even more difficult to stream overseas content. Even a few years ago, you had to pay a lot of hassles while viewing geo-restricted content. But nowadays, with the advent of VPN and various other alternative options like the SmartDNS, things have pretty much simplified. In case you’re still wondering how to access region blocked content, here’s a complete scoop on it. Read on.

How to access region blocked content?

Use your preferred VPN

If you want access to geo restricted content right away, nothing can work better than a good VPN. Simply set up a VPN for rerouting your traffic through the servers of your required countries. You can go for any VPN in this regard. But then, it is always better to go for a Usenet package as the Giganews as this may provide the VPN as a part of the package. This will protect your data and keep it pretty more private than some easy-to-use services. However, it may also slow down your connection speeds.


SmartDNS allows a computer and other internet equipped devices to access geographically-restricted content from anywhere across the globe. Connection speeds will be faster than a full VPN because you will only be changing the DNS settings for installing the SmartDNS. SmartDNS can also be used on any device that allows DNS changing like the iPAd, AppleTV, Roku or even the Xbox. SmartDNS network can be easily setup in an entire range of device networks easily and quickly.

Why should you go for a VPN?

When you opt for a VPN, you get easy and quick access to your preferred server, irrespective of its location. On top of VPNs, also provide connectivity to a wide range of servers thereby letting you browse blocked content, right away.

While opting for a VPN network it is always better to go for a decently priced package instead of the free ones. The free ones are good but they do not allow unlimited server access. Many of the VPNs come at affordable rates and are loaded with viable features.

Many individuals feel that their overall speed is affected by using the VPN. However, this is not relevant for all VPNs. Nowadays, there are many top notch VPNs that let you browse and download geo-restricted videos and content flawlessly at remarkably high speeds. So you can always use these networks for superb connectivity from anywhere across the globe.

Nowadays, some of the VPNs also come equipped with the SmartDNS. These VPNs provide superior benefits and better support in download geo-restricted content. These VPNs also provide superb encryption and are free from DNS leaks and similar other issues.

Why are VPNs better than proxy servers and tunnelbar?

Proxy servers are fine for accessing region blocked content occasionally. However, they turn out to be an absolute disappointment if you’re looking out for ‘ideal’, ‘permanent’ and ‘reliable’ server access to geographically blocked locations. A similar issue may occur with tunnelbar. Another major issue with proxies is that they support only those applications that ‘actually’ support proxies (like a browser). In this regard, a virtual private network is way better and safer as it flawlessly works on an extensive range of devices. The speeds, reliability and connection quality is also top notch in a VPN.

A VPN will create a connection between your computer and a server of the host country which in turn will assign an IP and route all your online traffic via the provided connection. In this way, your actual IP will be hidden to all the sites you visit.

How to use a VPN for accessing geographically restricted content?

In order to access geo restricted content, you have to first select a reliable VPN network. Choose your preferred package and purchase the network. You can also use the trial pack if the network offers one. Now, add the VPN (PPTP) connection on your Mac or PC network settings. Enter the server, your username, password and then click the apply/connect option. The VPN will soon be connected and you can easily check its servers.

So, as you see, using a VPN for accessing blocked content and videos can be a great option. Choose your preferred VPN and avail the best services from the network right away.

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