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OverPlay SmartDNS + VPN Review

OverPlay is one of the fastest growing VPN providers in the current market. The strength of this VPN lies in its series of cluster servers that are located in 48 countries across the globe. The high speed, superb connectivity, server diversity and competitive pricing keeps OverPlay an edge ahead of the rest.

What we loved about Overplay

OverPlay comes loaded with a series of handy and purposeful features. Of them, the most significant one is the speed of this VPN. Due to the huge velocity of the local servers, overplay manages to keep quick and consistent speeds for video streaming and online browsing. On top of that, its help and support unit, high-end privacy and server diversity make this VPN even more viable. Following are a list of features we loved best about Overplay. Have a look.

  • Overplay does not keep the logs of your online data. So your personal data is absolutely safe, with this VPN provider.
  • The SMARTDNS system coming with the Overplay bucks up its speed and lets you enjoy flawless browsing and video streaming experience.
  • This VPN is equipped with simple and easy navigation.
  • Overplay doesn’t come with any cap on speed or downloads.
  • High compatibility with a large number of devices and operating systems.

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The infrastructure of Overplay is strengthened with its huge cluster of well-manage servers. Currently, this VPN has 140 servers in 48 countries and 76 locations. Even though all the servers have a default encryption, the OpenVPN sessions of this network are encrypted via 128-bit CBC Blowfish which is commendably strong. Besides the OpenVPN, Overplay comes with a series of other protocols like L2TP, PPTP, SSL and SSTP. This VPN also comes equipped with the SmartDNS that lets you enjoy seamless video streaming from anywhere in the globe. Here, having an encrypted connection does not cause any speed loss.


The USP of Overplay is its exceptional and absolutely consistent performance. While conducting both the DNS leak and the IP address change tests, Overplay came clean. Currently, it comes equipped with shared IP. While conducting a speed test on a server of Ashburn, VA, the download speed of the network came to be 30.39 mb/s, upload speed came to be 11.23 mb/s and ping rate was 38ms. The speed is decent, if not great. There are no restrictions either with the bandwidth or the speed.


Use of non-pirated P2P is permitted by Overplay. The network also allows unlimited server switching.

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Help and Support

Overplay comes with a decent help and support unit. The professionals here provide you 24/7 support, phone support and desktop support. Simply call these individuals anytime you need help and these experts will provide ample support right away. The turnaround for emails is quick and your mails are replied within 24 hours.

Device support

Overplay supports only the open-source apps. This VPN is compatible with Linux, Mac and PC. Among devices it is compatible with android, iOS, Windows mobile, cellphone, tablets and nokia and the DDWRT router and tomato router.

Privacy Policy

Overplay’s headquarters are located in the UK, so it is primarily a British company. Thus, the privacy policy ensured by the company will be subjected to the countries stringent privacy laws. According to the policy, any illegal activity on the network will be prohibited. The data logs of the individuals won’t be recorded, but the personal information of the users may be disclosed if requested by legal authorities.

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Price and Payment

While opting for Overplay, users can make their pick from SmartDNS and SecureVPN. The SmartDNS package comes at a rate of $4.95 a month and $49.95 a year. The SecureVPN, equipped with the SmartDNS comes with better levels of encryption. This package is available at $9.95 a month and $99.95 a year. This rate is economical and way lesser than the rates of other popular VPNs like IPVanish or CyberGhost. The refund policy and trial period of using Overplay is quite flexible. This VPN provider lets you enjoy a 2 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service. The payment for this VPN can be made via;

  • Diners Club card
  • JCB
  • Google Checkout
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Customer Reviews

Most users have been thoroughly satisfied with the performance of Overplay. However, some of them have experienced issues with the customer service. They found the customer service to take longer to respond, and way more time consuming than usual.

Final Verdict

Overplay can be a great option if you’re looking for a quick, reliable and consistent VPN connection. The flexible server locations, stringent security and easy-to-operate software add to the benefits of using this VPN.

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