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StrongDNS Service Review

StrongDNS is a US based network from the same company that had launched the StrongVPN network. This is one of the new breed of Smart DNS services that rank high in reliability, speed, security and performance. With this VPN replacement, you can browse geo-restricted sites at high speeds and also get complete access to geo-restricted media like Netflix and Hulu. The network has a very strong encryption and it lets you browse in utmost security. It is also compatible with an extensive range of devices and operating systems. So if you want to enjoy an unfaltering streaming performance from international websites like Hulu andNetflix, nothing can be a better option than StrongDNS.

What we loved about StrongDNS

StrongDNS comes loaded with a series of features and some of its best features are listed below.

  • Impressive high speeds dependent on your own internet connection.
  • Bypasses all geographical restrictions and lets users watch their favorite programs flawlessly.
  • No buffering or speed loss.
  • Equipped with SmartDNS encryption
  • Strong infrastructure with 440+ servers in 20+ countries.
  • Allows unlimited server switching.
  • Supports payment via bitcoin.

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The infrastructure of this VPN is extremely strong and robust. As part of the StrongVPN network, StrongDNS is equipped with 440+ servers in 20+ countries. It also comes with more than 80,000 IP addresses. This network is equipped with the StrongDNS and that has an impeccably powerful DNS strength. Its encryption strength of 256-bit AE with PPTP, L2TP and SmartDNS protocols further bucks up the power and security.


StrongDNS offers a strong, powerful and high-value performance to its users. On checking the speed test it fared great results in a UK server. We observed that the download speeds on this UK server was 20.41 mb/s, upload speed was 2.22 mb/s and the ping rate was 25 ms. The network came clean in the DNS and IP address change test. On further analyzing, we observed that StrongDNS can hold maximum 2 connections simultaneously, and it also has unlimited bandwidth and download capacity.


This network comes with a P2P prohibited policy for some servers, while it is allowed on others. It also allows unlimited server switching.

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The help and support unit is the backbone of StrongDNS. This unit is backed by competent professionals who handle the 24X7 customer care and respond to your problems and queries at the earliest. It also has a live-chat, email and ticketing system. All these services are available throughout the day. Moreover, if you drop in a mail, then too your problem will be addressed within 12-24 hours.

Device support

StrongDNS is compatible with almost all the top notch platforms. Among operating systems, it is compatible with;

  • Windows,
  • Mac OS X
  • Google Chrome and
  • Ubuntu

Again, among mobile devices, StrongDNS will support;

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

This VPN also supports routers like D-Link, DD-WRT, TP link and Sabai.

Privacy Policy

StrongDNS is a venture of the US based company Reliable Hosting. Being a US company, it is subjective to the data retention laws of the country. Thus, the privacy policy of this network isn’t quite strong. According to the company, none of the customers’ personal details or activity session details is stored by StrongDNS. However, it does record the usage time, bandwidth and the usage date. This affects the company’s privacy to some extent.

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The pricing of this VPN is quite easy and affordable. Currently, it is available at $5 every month, $15 for 3 months, $27.5 for 6 months and $50 per year. This rate is the best in the market compared to other popular networks of similar stature. New customers are also liable to a 7 day free trial period.

Payment for this network can be made via

  • Visa debit card
  • Master Card
  • Bitcoin
  • JCB
  • Paypal

In the news

According to customer discussions and chatter on forums, StrongDNS is one of the quickest and best networks people have ever come across, and consistently beats VPNs when it comes to streaming media. The high speed and amazing reliability turn out to be the USP of StrongDNS.

Final Verdict

Thus, if you want to enjoy consistent and high speeds for streaming video content like Hulu, Netflix, BBC’s iPlayer etc. from your VPN network at an extremely flexible price, StrongDNS can be the right solution for you.

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