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VPNAce Review

VPNAce Review

VPNAce is full-featured VPN network that claims to provide ‘excellent support’ and hassle free set-up. The services of this VPN provider is indeed pretty good with its high-end download, and upload speeds. However, the setting up the network is definitely a tedious job. The documentation of the VPN provider lacks proper polish and this might apparently frighten novices. For others who have a decent idea about VPN network operation, this provider can be a great option with its impressive performance and worthy service.

What we loved about VPNAce

VPNAce may not be a famous network like HideMyAss or IPVanish, yet its simple features and high download speeds, definitely make this network worth a shot. Following is a quick scoop of the features of VPNAce.

  • Superb download and upload speeds gets you a fast browsing and video streaming experience.
  • Compatible with all the major OS and networking platforms.
  • Offers a free trial for three days.
  • Comes with an efficient help and support unit that sort your issues right away.
  • Allows switching of servers.

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VPNAce comes with a decent infrastructure. Currently, it has servers in more than 20 countries including France, US, UK, Oman, Turkey, Spain and Romania. The service providers are constantly working to increase their number of servers to reach out to a greater customer base. This VPN is also equipped with the L2TP, IPSec and the PPTP protocols along with a 128-bit encryption. The DNS strength is also good, if not awesome.


This network is currently equipped with the shared IP. On testing for IP address changes, we observed that the changes are registered almost instantly. VPNAce also came clean in the DNS Leak test and it was found that the connection does not have DNS leaks. We conducted the speed test on a server of UK and found that this VPN has awesome upload speeds of 0.31 Mbps and download speeds of 6.82 Mbps. The ping rate is 54 ms. The bandwidth and speed is limited to the download of 400 of data every year. However, this figure might vary from package to package. VPNAce does not allow simultaneous connections.

P2P policy

Even though this network allows server switching, yet it does not support P2P file sharing. We would have loved that, at least on a few servers.

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Support options

The high-end support option is probably the USP of this network. There is a live 24X7, chat-support where the customer care professionals readily answer to your queries regarding the service. You can also opt for the ticket support option, where your queries will be answered and solved within 12-24 hours. VpnAce does come with a FAQ section. However, this section is not very informative.

Device support

VPNAce supports both custom and open source apps. Currently, it is compatible with Linux, Mac and PC. Regarding devices, it is compatible with Android, cellphone, iOS and tablets. This extensive compatibility, add to the benefits of using this network. VPNAce does not directly support routers, although you can set it up to use routers.

Privacy Policy

VPNAce is a US based VPN network so the user privacy will be a subject to the US data retention laws. On asked about the privacy standards, the VPN network confirmed that they do have records of certain user logs which may be handed over to the legal entities, if asked for. However, on further inquiry we were informed that these logs do not provide any extensive information about how long the connection was used and operated.

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The price of VPNAce is good but a little extravagant, compared to the services they provide. The network charges $14.95 for a monthly download of 30 GBs, $39.95 for a download of 100 GBs every three months and $114.95 for a yearly download of 400 GBs. This is slightly higher than VpnJack and BTguard who provide similar services at lower rates. The VPN also provides its users a one-day trial.

The payment options of VPNAce are rather limited. Currently, it supports only:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

In the news

We had checked the customer verdict for VPNAce on reddit and regular public forums. Most of the customers were satisfied with the services of this VPN. However, some of them did have minor issues with the limited payment options and bandwidth restrictions.

Final Verdict

All in all, VPNAce is indeed one of the best VPNs is the market, with its amazing reliability, great support and flawless performance. However, if you’re just getting started with using a VPN and you’re not very good at navigating the technical stuff, we suggest you also look at other networks like iBVPN or HideIPVPN.

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