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VPNJack Review

VPNJack Review

VPNJack is a decent VPN network that comes with simple and functional features. The servers of this network are US based and its features are rather limited. On subscribing to VPNJack, you will be able to connect to a server that provides you an IP address based network in the US. So VPNJack may not be a great choice if you’re looking for some high-end, professional VPN network. However, this network can be a perfect bid for all those individuals who have simple requirements from their VPN service provider. Even though, VPNJack provides below average performance, yet it ranks high on anonymity. So if you value anonymity more than the overall service, this network can be your answer.

What we loved about VPNJack

VPNJack does not come with a series of features, nor does it have a considerably high speed. Some of its basic features are listed below.

  • Lets you browse anonymously.
  • None of your logs are stored by the network.
  • Ensures high-end internet encryption via PPTP protocol which further protects your location and IP address.

Seems like VPN Jack is a VPN provider that takes its user privacy seriously, which is always a plus in our books.

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Being a relatively simple VPN network, we do not rate VPNJack high on its infrastructure. They currently have their servers in multiple locations across the US. Even-though, this might apparently seem limited, yet it turns out to be a great option, if you want to have unlimited access to US-based data. Currently, VPNJack is equipped with the PPTP protocol.


The performance of VPNJack is good, if not great. Currently, the network only supports shared/ dynamic IP. On trying the IP address change test we observed that VPNJack readily registers the IP address changes. However, on testing for DNS leaks we observed that VPNjack does have minor leaks. The results from the speed test was rather disappointing as this network only provides a mediocre download speed of 3.84 Mbps and upload speed of 0.36 Mbps. The ping rate is 111ms. VPNJack has both speed and bandwidth limits to a certain extent, which the website does not disclose. So you cannot enjoy unfaltering and flawless connection from this network. The network also allows only one single connection at a time.


VPNJack does not allow P2P file sharing. The network also does not allow the switching of servers.

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The Support option of this VPN service provider is limited. The website does not have any facility for 24X7, live-chat facility. You can always drop in emails, but these emails take days to respond, according to users we surveyed.

Device support

VPNJack only supports some limited open source apps. Among operating systems too, it supports a handful of OS’ like Windows MS, Mac Operating system. Again, it only supports the iOS and Android devices. This VPN does not support any router out of the box.


VPNJack is a US based VPN network which is liable to the data retention laws of the country. However, the VPN provider still claims to ensure ample privacy protection of its customers. According to the company, they track only minimum information of the users like the duration of the connection or the bandwidth used during the service. The company does not keep any track of the websites that have been visited. Nor do they monitor the content of the information that you transfer via your VPN network.

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VPNJack has an extensive pricing range, starting from 24 hours to 1 year. The 24 hours plan will cost you $0.99. The monthly package is available at $5.49, the tri-monthly package is available at $11.99 and the yearly package is available at $29.99. These rates are the lowest in the market, and they are considerably lower than similar small scale VPN networks like BTGuard or Ghostpath. There is no money back policy, but you do get a 10 minute free trial from this VPN.

VPNJack accepts payment via;

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Diners Club Card
  • Paypal

In the news

Most of the customer discussion on forums and reddit suggest that this network is only viable for its price. Apart from the low cost, none of the features of this VPN are worth writing home about, be it speed or support.

Final Verdict

VPNJack is more of a basic VPN service. So if you’re looking for an extremely cheap and basic VPN, VPNJack can work for you. Try it and decide for yourself.

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